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How To Remove Advertisment from File Manager Xiaomi Smartphone

Some time ago I bought a mobile phone Xiaomi 3 Pro with 3GB of memory which is slightly annoying. Why do I call annoying because when I use, sometimes appearing pop-up ads that arrived - suddenly out of my cell phone out of the File Manager application.

Here I will explain, do not you be fooled by its name, the application File Manager is actually not an application that is running a document file on the memory your phone, but the malware that includes a pop-up - pop up ads are certainly a little annoying when using your smartphone Xiaomi, but how was also File Manager can not delete because this application is the default application of Xiaomi itself.

So how do to remove the ads that appear on the File Manager? Here I will review briefly how to overcome these problems. Hopefully can help.

1.First of all, you have to go to settings

2. If you have entered into the settings, please scroll to see your Xiaomi smartphone settings to the bottom and look for the option installed apps (see picture).

Then click the App is installed.

3. If you have entered into the app installed, please scroll back to see the Apps installed  Xiaomi Smartphone settings you down and look for the File Manager application options (see picture).

Then click File Manager.

4. After you enter the File Manager application settings, please scroll down and look for the option Clear data (see picture) click to remove the data and then click the forced stop (see picture).

5. restrart  Xiaomi Smartphone now

Done, now the ad from the File Manager that appears in the HP Xiaomi you will not reappear.
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