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How to Solve Lagging Wait a Second for Xioami


 IT Info  this time I will discuss about a problematic that often arise for you especially Xiaomi mobile phone users, including me who arrived - suddenly the phone notification appears "wait a minute" or "wait a second". It certainly bothers you when they want to do the activity through your mobile phone grip.

The notification usually appears when you to / back to the home screen menu or by pressing the home button that appears is the appearance of such notification before entering the home menu. Therefore, I will review it.

Actually this is the case for many users Xiaomi, so do not be afraid if you feel confused about the issue.

Solution below I give of my way who also have experienced the same thing as you, the phone Xiaomi my manifold redmi 3 arrived - arrived just always appears notification "wait a minute" or "wait a second" despite the fact that the Xiaomi himself was has not issued any official information related to the procedures for handling the issue according to the instructions they are but for those of you who want to try can see the tips below:


There are 5 solution for those of you who want to try to get your mobile phone problems can be resolved namely:

The first solution:

You can choose the first way to the way you update existing on the mobile phone MIUI Xiaomi dihandphone from the existing version to the newest version for the latest version of MIUI can eliminate and fix bugs that worn by:

1. Open the renewal application MIUI (Updater);
2. Check the available update, if there is a new MIUI please update the latest version;
3. Restart / reboot your phone if it has been activated.

Solution two:
For those of you who do not find update'an or confused how to do, the second solution is easier and I practice this, which is a way to clean the data and stop Operations on the application launcher.

How ??

1. Go to settings / preferences / settings .;
2. Then scroll / slide the display down to find the menu display installed apps (apps installed);
3. Click on the menu;
4. Then scroll / slide display search menu launcher system (the system launcher);
5. Click on the menu;
6. Then scroll down / scroll down to see click "delete data" or clear the data;
7. Then click the "STOP FORCED"
8. If it is, restart / reboot your phone.

Then a third solution that is KEEP ACTIVITIES.

The step you can take if the first solution and the second is less ngeh / fail in a way you have to enable developer mode by going to settings / settings / settings and then select menu "on the phone" and then tap the writing MIUI up to 10x without pause or to exit the notification developer option has been activated. Once it was out of control and input back to the settings menu and select additional settings / preferences extra / additional settings then select Developer Option and search settings do not keep activities turn off / disable the feature.

The fourth solution

You should replace your mobile phone launcher to another launcher with downloaded
at APK PlayStore.

And the final solution as the final step if it still can not be set, please bring your phone to the place nearest service.

That is the way of setting up arrangements if you arrive -Arrived phone sign appears wait a minute / wait a second repeatedly. For those of you who have tried do not forget to leave a comment and also the solution where you can do in an emergency handling your mobile phone. May be useful.
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