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How to joined Youtube and Blog for 1 Google Adsense Account

From some readers who ask about adsense, there are interesting enough for me to review this confused many of the problems associated adsense.

Here I will give an explanation regarding the questions that are often directed my friend asking youtube adsense account can be used for a blog?

For those of you who want to earn money from Google AdSense services are more easily via Youtube because it did not have to pass a review by many - months. Receipt of adsense via Youtube account makes you be more excited to add to the coffers of financial -pundi adsense by way of circumcision into the blog, but I hope you read my review below.

I suggest you not hasty and not hasty in circumcising your Youtube adsense blog. It could technically you circumcise and divide it into your own blog, but first consider technical perlakuannnya and also how. You do not want your adsense account is wasted for the sake of your carelessness is not it?

Technically adsense account Youtube can be combined with the blog / website belongs to you, but first you have to change out the status of your adsense from hosted to non hosted by applying for one through blogs berdomain TLD if not to say goodbye on your adsense account because it is definitely will be banned by Google.

Then how is it done?

1. Purchase TLD domain for your blog and then post the TLD domain in blogger;
2. For those of you who use WordPress can also buy a domain TLD;
3. After that login to a Google Adsense account;
4. Then in the gear at the top right and then click on the icon;
5. Select the setting;
6. On the left sidebar click the icon Access and authorization. ;
7. Furthermore, on the "show ads on other websites" enter the URL domain TLD us that we want to register to show your ad;
8. Click send
9. Finally attach 3 unit code Google Adsense ads on your blog domain than the TLD.

As usual, wait some time (usually takes a few days and months) to your adsense ads fully approved.

Note also the age of the web / blog in several countries usually blog / website approved aged long enough that more than 3 months and also have a steady visitor traffic over the number 50 visitors. May be useful.
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