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The Role of Information and Communication Technology

All of the creation of the technological tools intended to facilitate human to communicate with one another, this is the main goal of the research the latest technology.

We as users of technology should be good at sorting out the technology so that the benefit is greater. Its positive impact, of course, help us in communication. Moderate negative effects, one of which is to make people less confident in interacting with others.

At first the development of information and communication technology created to help get the convenience of the business aspects, but this time not only the technological developments in the business world but in the world of education, health and even governments are also social. Besides being able to show the advantages, technological advances also can support all aspects, where the role of information and communication technologies made a reference in its development.

The development of information and communication technologies is so rapid has brought tremendous benefits for the progress of human civilization. The types of jobs that previously required physical ability is large enough, it is now relatively devices can be replaced by automated machines.

Advances in technology is something we can not avoid in this present life, because of technological advances will continue to develop in accordance with kemajuanm science. Each innovation was created to provide positive benefits to human life. Provide a lot of convenience, as well as a new way to human activity. Specialized in the field of technology people already enjoy many benefits brought by innovations that have been produced in the last decade. Various areas that have benefited from information technology are as follows.

1. Field of Education

According to Rosenberg (2001), with the growing use of ICT there are five shifts in the learning process, namely:

1. From training to appearance,
2. Dariruang to class anytime and anywhere,
3. From the paper to the "on line" or channels,
4. Fasilitasfisik fasilitasjaringan to work,
5. From the cycle time to real time.

Teaching and learning activities not only in this way. But with the advancement of technology today, teachers can make learning activities without having to interact directly with students. Currently there are latest technology in education is to e-learning, learning is done using an internet connection, so that students can make the learning process without having to come to school and meet with teachers. 

E-learning is the use of Internet technology in the delivery of learning in a wide range, which is based on three criteria, namely:

1. e-learning is the network with the ability to renew, store, distribute, and share teaching materials or information.

2. Delivery to the final user through a computer USING standard internet technology.

3. Focusing on the most comprehensive view of learning beyond the traditional learning paradigm.

2. Transport Sector

In the transport sector there is also a technology that can be used by human beings is to fly its own aircraft equipped with computer equipment. Even after reaching a certain altitude aircraft can fly automatically with the automatic pilot is programmed into the computer.

3. Health

 Many technologies used in today's healthcare field, such as a smart card-based systems (smart cards) used medical interpreter to know the medical history of patients who come to the hospital. In the card of medical interpreter can know the patient's medical history. The development of increasingly advanced robots are also used to assist in the surgery. On the use of three-dimensional computer imaging results may also indicate the location of the tumor in the patient's body.

4. Field Services Delivery

With the computer connected to the internet we do not need to write on paper with a stick wrapped in an envelope and stamp the letter even wait for days. With the internet we just wrote out his computer and sent via email and letters sent will be up in a moment. We can access any information quickly and accurately.

5. Business Fields

In the business world information and communication technologies used for electronic commerce or known as E-Commerce. E-Commerce is perdaganganmenggunakan internet communication network. This way we do not need to come to the store when we want to buy something, just with internet access at home, we can shop any. This way can save cost and energy.

6. Sports

 With the advancement of technology, allows us to watch the world cup without having to come directly to watch the match. The event was broadcast by a satellite receiver connected to the earth plane is then transmitted to the rest of the satellite TV transmitters in the hemisphere, so it can be watched by everyone in the world.

7. Government Sector

The use of technology in government can improve the relationship between the government and other parties. This technology has the ability to connect the purposes of residents, businesses, and other activities.

8. Banking

In the banking world of information and communication technologies implement banking transactions via the Internet, known as Internet Banking. Some transactions can be done via Internet Banking, among others, transfer money, check balances, transfer funds, pay bills, and account information. With the advancement of this technology we can perform these activities without having to come to the bank directly.

9. Industrial Sector

Recording To print album or DVD kedalamVCD need assistance Program is a computer for processing pemburningan or burning CDs that can record sounds with very high quality. We can also create a song without using a musical instrument enough to set a musical instrument according to our wishes with a software.
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