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Samsung Xpress M2020W Mono Laser printers


Hi, comes back to enliven the information you may need, especially for those of you who are looking for the best printers in the present. Introducing cool printer output leading electronics company, Samsung. Yes, in addition to its popular product known to the public from handhpone smartphone, Samsung also has a product turns out not less cool, which is a printer.

Here Samsung issued Xpress product M2020W Mono Laser 20 ppm.

And, what form and what its Features-?

Printer Samsung Mono Laser Xpress M2020W has many advantages such as:

A Unique Design

You cramped work space? Or not is a place to put the printer on your desk? Do not be confused if you use this printer, for a unique design with a small footprint size makes this printer is sleek and the world's smallest printer with a size of 33.2 x 21.5 cm. In fact, the sleek ergonomic design and elegant with a touch of gray-brown color ice making office or workplace becomes more beautiful and does not take place.

Fastest Printer

Based on the release of the official website of Samsung Electronics explained that if the speed of the printing process Xpress M2020W Mono Laser has incredible speed. Even predicted, the speed of the printing process is equal to the speed of the work. With a 400 MHz processor and 128 MB memirry make M2020W Mono Laser printer Samsung Xpress can print up to 20 pages in a minute.

Easy to use

Through WPS makes Xpress M2020W Mono Laser printers can save time and effort you work through touch WPS Button (WPS button) which connect quickly and securely to a wireless network with just one touch of a button via WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup).

In addition to WPS, this printer also comes with software that is designed for you to easily take control printer device in order to make quality prints with an easier way through Easy Printer Manager.

Best Quality Print Results

Printer Samsung Mono Laser Xpress M2020W able to print or scan text and image results is astounding. Score of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi is achieved by varying the size of dots and also the position of the point itself, so that later you get a printout that is more detailed for a smoother image and sharper through the RECP is a unique technology of Samsung (Samsung's Unique RECP (Rendering Engine for Clean Page)).

Print Through Smartphone Where Only

This is including the sophistication of M2020W, mentioning if the printer is capable of doing the work without having to go through the wireless data connection. Through NFC technology that tanggih, Wi-Fi Direct and strong compatibility, you simply attach your mobile device to Samsung Express M2020W to print any content.

 Still not enough? You can also do printing via Wi-Fi direct via Smartphone, Tablet PC, Google Chrome Book, PC / Notebook or other devices connected web.

Still less again? You are also able to print any content even if you are away from the printer device through Google Cloud Print allows you to print a printer into the middle even though you are in the park. Smartphone, Tablet PC, Google Chrome Book, PC / Notebook or other devices connected web.

Eco Smart Printer

Behind the sophistication of that, perhaps many of you are concerned about power consumption used in the printer, you do not worry. Through the official website M2020W Samsung explained if the printer is equipped with the Easy Eco Driver is capable of controlling up to 20% power consumption compared to similar printers. Software embedded in the printer is useful to reduce the use of paper and energy consumption are also capable controlled by the user. Even from the savings made Easy Eco Driver receives penghragaan of Outstanding Achievement in Innovation Award from Buyers Laboratory.
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