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Review Lenovo Flex 10, Laptop Wah dengan Harga Murah

Lenovo Flex 10 adalah varian dari laptop unik yang dikeluarkan oleh Lenovo. Sebelumnya lenovo telah meluncurkan Flex 14 dan Flex 20 pada akhir tahun 2013. Nah, Flex 10 ini adalah versi terjangkau dari varian Flex.

Seperti halnya seri Flex yang lain. Flex 10 bisa dioperasikan dalam dua mode, yakni laptop dan stand. Saat pengguna membutuhkan keyboard, Lenovo Flex bisa diubah menjadi seperti laptop pada umumnya.

Layar Flex 10 bisa diputar hingga 300 derajat untuk mengubahnya pada mode stand. Ini bisa digunakan ketika lebih banyak menggunakan fitur sentuhan.

Berikut ini fitur lengkap Lenovo Flex 10
  • Dual-mode design allows use in either Laptop or Stand modes.  Converts instantly between the 2 modes. Stand mode provides easy access to the touch-screen display, which is supported at a comfortable viewing angle. Screen opens a full 300°.
  • Versatile touch-screen display for easy, intutive control at the touch of a finger.  The compact 10.1" diagonal screen offers 10-point multi-touch support, letting you use tap, swipe and pinch gestures.
  • 2GB memory lets you run your programs.  Lets you access wireless networks to share files, surf the Web and exchange email. Fully compatible with 802.11b/g as well. NOTE: wired networking is NOT supported.
  • 320GB hard drive can hold thousands of songs, photos and documents.  Transfer your digital photos, music and other files from 2 types of memory cards.
  • Wireless-N (802.11n) for high-performance, cable-free networking.  (HDMI cable sold separately.)
  • Memory card reader for fast, easy file transfers.  Up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0, yet fully compatible with USB 2.0 devices.
  • HDMI port lets you view videos and photos on your HDTV.  Lets you keep in touch with others via video and voice messaging. Supports video resolutions up to 720p.
  • USB 3.0 port for ultra-fast data transfers.  Permits short-range wireless data transfers at up to 30' with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as mice, phones and printers.
  • Built-in front HD webcam and microphone.  Comes with the latest versions of Word, Excel®, PowerPoint® and OneNote™.
  • Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless.  Battery life will vary depending on the product configuration, product model, applications loaded on the product, power management setting of the product, and the product features used by the customer. As with all batteries, the maximum capacity of this battery will decrease with time and usage.
  • Includes Microsoft® Office Home & Student.  The latest version of Windows.
  • Up to 4 hours of battery life. 
  • Microsoft® Windows® 8.1. 
  • Greener choice — complies with EPEAT® Silver standards. 
Adapun untuk harga, di pasaran luar harga laptop Lenovo Flex 10 hanya sekitar $300. Sayangnya, di Indonesia, Lenovo Flex 10 dijual dikisaran harga 4,5 juta rupiah. Cukup lumayan ya selisihnya. :(
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